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Here at Valentine Foods we like to take things seriously when it comes to providing you with the best food and customer service as possible. Our health regulations are top notch, and Rick does a wonderful job of giving you the food that's going to stop your stomach from growling. Check out our products by either ordering 'By the Pound' or an 'Entree' that'll hold you over until you want seconds. Also, check out our 'Sides' section to find a great pair to go with any of our delicious entrees. 

Another thing we like to credit ourselves with is providing you with local products. If you click 'The Iowa Market' tab it'll redirect you to a section of a bunch of products provided by local vendors right here in Iowa. No machinery, no factories, just fresh grown products and wonderful things only found right here in Iowa. 

If you need to get a hold of me, go ahead and click that 'Reach Me' tab and find out things like: our hours, location, and even how to get in contact with us. As always, it's a pleasure, and thanks for stopping by.